Best Trump Game!!!

Check out this funny game! FREE to play!

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Drumpf Trumps Trump









Drumpf Trumps Trump 


This is a fun and goofy game where you get a few different way to beat Trump… or let him beat you??

Don’t let trump touch the NUKE!

Hit Humpty Trump off the wall!

Smack Trump with all the stupid businesses he has created!

And have fun while doing it all!!!!!

PG Booth is out


For those of you looking for a neat photo booth app for your iphone or ipad check out the Pretty Good Booth app in the app store or the PG Booth website. PG (Pretty Good) Booth is a multi-user Photo Booth app. It allows for one device to act as the booth and another app to act as a remote for the other device. Or you can just use one device. It allows more than 2 devices to be tied together as well:). Check out the PG Booth website as well.