PP Hour – Who? What? Why?

What is PP Hour and why would I want it? Good question.

PP Hour is a little helper app to use with plex media server. The Plex Media Server and iOS app are great, but they did not do 2 things I wanted.

PP Hour is also an PCH / NMT Remote. If you own a popcorn hour you can control it via your phone or watch. This Is a apple watch NMT remote as well as an iPhone NMT Remote. If you also have a Plex Server it becomes a lot more.

If you do not have a popcorn hour running Plonk but do have a Plex Server running you can still access view what content you have , but will not be able to play it via app to a popcorn hour.

1. The app did not allow for communicating with “players” in my home.

2. Its not on my watch! ( so very important )

If you have a Plex Media Server running and you know the ip address you are good to go with accessing your content. Where this app really helps is if you also have a Popcorn hour running Plonk. If you do, you can add one or many Popcorn Hours to the app and you can now tell your popcorn hour to play files via your mobile device(s) including the Apple Watch.

Soon to come….

I have been working on doing the following for the first update.

  • iCloud support so you don’t have to add server / player ip addresses on each device.
  • advanced settings to change plonk settings or to add any app uri for controls
  • updated remote that looks pretty
  • better watch reaction time

Would Like to add….

  • Support for other players

Feel free to submit comments or emails with comments, desires, or thoughts.